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English speaking plumber

English speaking plumber

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Do you need an english speaking plumber ?

SABEKO is a Plumbing & Heating Company based in Lyon, France. We are comfortable to communicate in English with foreigners who are non-native French speakers.

We move anywhere near lyon

We cover the entire region of Lyon and can assist you either for urgent repairs or large scale jobs, including renovation of residences and/or offices. Our team of plumbers at SABEKO is dedicated to client satisfaction by providing the best quality workmanship in Lyon: Be it for water, heating, gas or sewer installations.
Our emergency troubleshooting service is available for :

  • Water leak,
  • Shower or toilet unblocking,
  • Heating system failure,
  • Gas furnace failure

You can contact us by any of the following ways:

Phone : 04 27 11 88 09

By filling a contact form

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